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Grievance Redressal Policy

Grievance Redressal Policy

Effective Date: 10-10-2023


Rajgad News Live (the “Website”) is committed to providing a positive and transparent experience to our users. We value your feedback and are dedicated to addressing any grievances or complaints you may have. This Grievance Redressal Policy outlines the process for addressing and resolving grievances related to our Website.

Types of Grievances

Grievances can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Content-related issues, including accuracy, fairness, and objectivity.
  2. Technical issues, such as website errors, downtime, or accessibility concerns.
  3. Privacy and data protection concerns.
  4. Inquiries and complaints related to our services and user experience.

How to Lodge a Grievance

If you have a grievance, you can lodge it in the following ways:

  1. Email: You can send an email to [Grievance Redressal Email] with a detailed description of your grievance.
  2. Contact Form: You may use the contact form on our website to submit your grievance. Please ensure to provide accurate contact information for us to respond to your complaint.

Grievance Redressal Process

We will acknowledge the receipt of your grievance within [X] business days of receiving it. Our team will thoroughly investigate the matter and attempt to resolve the grievance in a fair and timely manner. The process includes the following steps:

  1. Acknowledgment: We will acknowledge the receipt of your grievance within [X] business days.
  2. Investigation: Our team will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter to understand the issue better.
  3. Resolution: We will strive to resolve your grievance promptly and inform you of the steps taken to address it.
  4. Communication: We will keep you informed of the progress and the expected timeline for resolution.
  5. Closure: After resolving the grievance to your satisfaction, we will close the case.


If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided, you may escalate the matter by contacting our designated Grievance Officer at [Grievance Officer Email]. Our Grievance Officer will review the case and provide a final response within a reasonable timeframe.

Feedback and Suggestions

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our grievance redressal process. Your input helps us enhance our services and the user experience.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need to lodge a grievance, please contact us at:

  • Email: rajgadreportinglive@gmail.com
  • Grievance Officer: Jeevan Sonavane
  • Grievance Officer Email: jeevansonavane1020@gmail.com
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